I'm a software developer specializing in iOS development. I also dabble in ReactJS which is what is powering this website through Gatsby. I've been doing iOS development since 2010 (objc days, yikes) and have been working with Swift since it was first released.

Over the years I've been part of various development cycles. While working at a digital agency I maintained many iOS projects at the same time which has helped me learn to juggle multiple projects concurrently. I've also worked single projects using agile methodology to work on features through weekly sprints. I pride myself in my ability to learn new things on the fly which makes it easier for me to integrate into new environments.

I embrace challenges. As self-taught programmer, programming in general started of as a challenge for me. I genuinely enjoy programming and I think that's why I stuck with it and came to be the software developer I am today. Although I don't have a degree in computer science (I have an English degree) I believe that learning on my own has given me some of my best strengths as a programmer. I went to school originally to be an English teacher, and during my teaching courses I learned that people learn the most when they struggle. I think struggling when beginning my journey of becoming a programmer has given me a much deeper understanding of programming languages in general, how to figure out how to get through problems when the answers aren't easy to find, and most importantly to stay humble.

I've learned a lot over the years and I continue to learn every day. So far I've written Ruby gems so I can run command line programs to make my life easier. I've written backends using Express and Vapor. I've maintained production Android apps. And most recently I've been working with ReactJS because it interests me a lot. I've also been experimenting with SwiftUI which has been a blast.

Overall I just really enjoy programming and creating exciting things. If you are looking for a freelance developer or a consultant please reach out.